Friday, 10 July 2009

Living for the weekend (and surviving it)

Well, the weekend is now upon us, and I'm off to a fairly safe start so far. With dinner out tonight, I've kept my points during the day down to 9 so far, leaving me 13, plus 5 saved, for dinner if I need all of it (hopefully not). We're going up there a little bit early for a few drinks first, but I'm going to largely stay off the sauce tonight - firstly because I'm broke, secondly because I have to drive early in the morning, thirdly because it's points I can't be arsed to use on empty things, and lastly because all self-control goes out the window after the first one or two (three or five) drinks.

One thing I didn't manage though was to find time to call ahead for the menu, so I'm just praying there's something on there that'll be safe. And I'm not even looking at the dessert menu - that's a disaster just waiting to happen!

I'm feeling a bit sore today after the second Body Combat session last night. I really enjoyed it at the time, but my whole back feels pretty tight today. Although luckily it's in an mmmmm, I really went for it last night, feel the BURN, baby!! kind of way, rather than a oh shit, there goes my back again, I might as well be 80 kind of way. Progress is being made.

I've spent this afternoon running round to my dad's house to spend a bit of time with him, and then scampering into town for a spot of belated present shopping for tomorrow's birthday girl. Which is more than the boys did - Sue to the rescue again. I also picked up a top to wear to the races tomorrow, given that my wardrobe is looking sorely depleted at the moment. I still find it so strange picking up 16's and actually having them fit. I also caught myself earlier as I filled in my weight on an online questionnaire, when I automatically went to 15 stone-something on the drop down list, even though I'm now 13 st 9. Weird. Brain - catch up, won't you!!

And then at 8am tomorrow we're heading off down South for the weekend. Why does it have to be bloody 8 o'clock in the morning?????? I get few enough lie-ins as it is!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Hey ho - only a week til holidays now - I'll make it.

Right - going to get changed now - laters.

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anne h said...

Brains don't want to catch up...right?
I always take a protein mix or peanuts or SOMETHING just in case....
Have fun!