Monday, 11 May 2009

.... And up again!

I think what I'm feeling is disappointment. And annoyance. And it's all aimed at me.

I've put 1.5lbs back on again this morning, and since I'm the only person doing the eating round here there can only be one culprit for this. Yep - me.

I'm currently trying to work out exactly what went wrong.

Let's see - I weighed in later than usual in the morning last Monday because of the Bank Holiday, and was surprised by my 3lb loss, which is bigger than average for me. So I suppose we could say that it was a bit of a false reading, and lay some blame there. Only problem is that when I stepped on the scales on Tuesday morning back at my usual early time, I'd actually lost a little bit more again, so that argument doesn't really hold much water.

I've finished the week with a small deficit of 2.5 points, which wouldn't normally make any difference to my losses - on the other hand that does indicate that I have over-eaten during the week. Add to that that I ran on Tuesday evening and did spinning on Wedsnesday, and therefore picked up a few exercise points, and that means that the amount I over-ate by goes up a little bit more to get to that end of week deficit. So I think we can lay some blame there, and most of it on Saturday night where my best guess is that I ended about 8 points over. Although I was out shopping on Saturday day which means I was walking around for several hours and I didn't point that.

Yesterday morning, my scales showed a fairly sensible number that would still have been a 0.5lb loss for the week, so basically I've put on 2lbs since yesterday.

Here's what I suspect maybe the culprits -
  • I've noticed this week that my little drinks indicator on my tracker hasn't been getting it's smiley face very many days, and I've also noticed a few other indicators that might point to me being a bit dehydrated.
  • I had pasta last night - I love pasta, but I eat a lot a less of it these days, and I've noticed that when I do, I really tend to bloat. I don't think my body likes pasta very much - I should stick to gnocchi instead.
  • I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that I'm not as *ahem* regular as I was (sorry, if that's too much info - just pretend you didn't see it). I'm not sure what's causing this as I'm eating tons more veg, but wonder if I'm just not getting as much fibre as I used to because while the veg consumption has gone up, my bread / pasta consumption has gone right down.
  • I suspect that there maybe a few little "bites" of things that are slipping under the wire and not getting pointed. Generally I'm pretty good, but it won't help me stay on the straight and narrow if I don't have an accurate record of what I've actually eaten.

So, back to it this week. I've got a ball I'm going to on Friday night with a 3 course sit-down meal being served, doubtless with oodles of wine. There's not a lot I can do about my choices for that, so the plan is mitigation, mitigation, mitigation all week. I'm allowed 23 points a day on WW's, so if I cut to 20 points for Mon - Thurs then that's 12 points banked. Add on to that activity points from Pump tonight, a run tomorrow, spin on Weds and maybe a walk or something on Thurs night - that's maybe another 10 points. I'll keep my points down on Friday before the ball, but Friday night I'm not going to stress. I won't point the meal as I can't change what I'll have, and I'm not going to know what it is til I get there. If there's wine with dinner I'll drink it, but when I get a chance I'll stick to vodka and slimline tonic. Saturday morning I'm straight back on the points, and will probably stick to 20 a day for the rest of the weekend.

I'm going to plan my lunches and make sure I bring them from home this week - soup, or jacket potatoes, or wraps. the only downer is I've been thinking about biscuits non-stop for the past couple of days, so I'm going to try and build that in somewhere in the points so I can have a couple and stop thinking about the damn things. And I'm going to try and get my drinks meter to smiley-face status every day this week.

I'll be interested to see how this plan works, as I've got a tough couple of weeks coming up. I've got a wedding and a night out for dinner with friends from my old work next week - double whammy of bad food, and the wedding is going to be a no-choice affair again. Then a weekend in London, and after that a trip to Norway for 5 days - I am going to get a handle on this eating malarkey before all that so that I don't derail.

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