Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Day 1 - status report

Just to report that I'm sticking like glue to my plan for the week. Just look:
  • Points used - 18.5 - Errrr - I'm not actually sure what happened here as I was aiming for 20, so I could save 3, and I thought that was what I used, but somehow miscalculated and stopped short. Slightly annoying as I wasted half a point that I can't save past the maximum 4 for the day. Note to self - PAY MORE ATTENTION!!!
  • Water intake - smiley face achieved! And I swear to god I've probably walked half a mile backwards and forwards to the kitchen for refill drinks and the ladies for ... well ...
  • Exercise - 1 x Body Pump class done.

A little look at the scales this morning shows the gain from yesterday back off, so we'll see where we go from here.


Not sure how today will pan out as I've got lunch out today. In fact everything's conspiring against me today! Firstly, I ran out of cereal this morning so had to have porridge - 1.5 extra points. I chose a grilled tuna sandwich on brown bread to try and keep points down for lunch, but then somehow put down that I wanted chips because it was a choice of chips or salad, and I don't like salad. I've put everything in the tracker already, and decided that if it's anything more than a few chips on the side, I'll only eat half the portion to keep points down, and give the rest away. I've resisted the massive muffins that were bought into the office today, in favour of one of my home-made muffins from the weekend (2.5 points versus at least 8-10 I should think). And I'll have a very low points tea tonight - so hopefully I'll just about scrape it to remain under 20 points.

I'm also hopefully off windsurfing after work this evening for my day's exercise - can't wait as it'll be the first time this year. Just got to make sure I avoid the ritual pub dinner afterwards, although shouldn't be too hard as we're due at the pub at 9pm this evening, so just time to get home, eat and sprint up there .... for a couple of diet cokes, natch.

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