Friday, 8 May 2009

Having a night off

But only in terms of my social life .... don't worry the food-y stuff is all still firmly in tact. It's been a funny old sort of day - I overslept by an hour this morning, so had to grab breakfast on the run on the way to work. I stopped in at the Sainsburys and grabbed a big box of pineapple and a bottle of Coke Zero, intending to be healthy, but then got slightly side-tracked by the lure of Starbucks as I was leaving.

I have to admit I caved to temptation but rather than blowing it completely I had my chai latte skinny (which to be fair, I always have done) but tall rather than grande, and I did pick up a (skinny) blueberry muffin. I put the pineapple in the fridge for mid-morning munchies and indulged in my Starbucks luxury breakfast. Points heavy at about 7.5 points, but yummy.

Not to worry though, the rest of the day's been pretty healthy, and I met my dad for a nice coffee break this afternoon and a little stroll round town in the sun.

I'm currently sat on the sofa with my feet propped up on the coffee table, watching Jonathan Ross interview Tom Hanks and actually I'm really enjoying having absolutely nothing I'm meant to be doing at all. Usually I get bored super quickly, but it's nice to unwind.

I watched the ITV show earlier about Claire (from Steps) weightloss to get married last year. Whilst she obviously has the advantage of not having a daily office job and a budget to contend with, I do admire what she achieved, and it is an example of what determination can achieve.

Interestingly, this week I've been feeling far more in tune with my body and my "self" this week. One of the blogs I read is written by a lady I follow on Twitter called Fat Nutritionist. Her blog is fascinating - she's completely anti-diets and huge on learning to love yourself. She makes a really good point about how we tend to think of ourselves in terms of our body versus everything else about ourselves - our minds, souls, personality, and in every scenario the body is the enemy. Well, I finally feel like my body sometimes amazes me and now that I treat it right, it's treating me right - sometime in the future we may even become friends.

On the subject of my body - I don't feel like I've lost much in terms of lbs this week, in fact I might even put on, despite being good, but I did feel earlier that maybe the inches are slowly dropping away again - we'll see.

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