Thursday, 21 May 2009

Day 3 (Week 2) - Status Update

Firstly, and on a completely unrelated note, I've just noticed that my counter is showing a 1000 hits, so thanks to everyone who's been coming on regularly and reading about my exploits, and especially to those who've taken the time to comment - it means a lot.

Right, down to the business for the day. As promised, yesterday was more like the rest of the week should have been.
  • Points used - 20, and 3 points saved. I was going to save 4, but to be honest I nicked one for dessert, as I felt I deserved it by the time I'd got back from the gym and stumbled out the shower. It was a lovely dessert too - a concoction of 0.5 points worth of meringues, crumbled in a bowl, a Weight Watchers strawberry yoghurt, 0.5 point, tipped over and mixed in, kind of Eton Mess style, and then a small tin of apricot halves (in juice) on top. I kept the juice back to have separately, so it didn't all get too liquid, but it all tasted lovely, and only 2 points for the bowl.
  • Fluids - tick. Job done.
  • Exercise - done, and done again. Spinning and a run, and I actually feel absolutely fine this morning, where I thought I might feel a bit crippled. So no excuses for not going along this evening and seeing what this running club malarkey is about.

So far the scales are holding steady this week, and I haven't dropped anything further since Monday (boooo), but then with my general monthly hormonalness upon me, I'm not overly surprised.

In some ways, I'd be surprised if I lost a lot more anyway, because now I'm getting to the point where I've lost quite a bit continuously, I just keep thinking that it will all stop soon, and I won't be able to lose any more. And I know that this block is in my head, but it's hard to get past it. I think it stems from years of the knowledge that losing weight is hard and diet's fail that has been drummed into me, whereas in reality I know logically that if I stick to the plan, it should just keep slowly coming off a bit at a time. I guess for the moment, I just have to put my doubts to one side and just keep proving myself wrong, one tiny little step at a time. Afterall, for years now, I've been saying that running is the one thing I just can't do, that it's not my fault, I'm just not built for it, and I've been slowly proving myself wrong on that front.

Either way, I'm still holding that golden ideal in my head of being close to goal, if not at it, by the time I jet off windsurfing again in November, and I refuse to give up on that dream.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Slow and steady wins the race (except for windsurfing, I guess). Keep on keeping on.