Sunday, 10 May 2009

I'm honoured!

The lovely Natasha (over at Creating Natasha) has very kindly passed me a little blog award.
*Sue blushes with pleasure :o)*
So here it is:

Ooooooh - shiny!!

I've seen a couple of these being handed out on blogs I follow in the last couple of weeks, but didn't think I'd get one!!

So here are the rules:

  1. You post the award on your blog somewhere.
  2. You pick your own favourite 5 bloggers to nominate and name them on your blog. Stick a link on so people can go see how fab they are for themselves.
  3. Pop a comment on their blog so they can feel your love for them!
  4. Link back to the person who was kind enough to nominate you.

Easy really!

Right, here in no particular order are my 5 favourite blogs. I don't care if any of these fabulous people already have awards - they're just the ones I enjoy reading:

  1. Mel at The Incredible Shrinking Me - funny and lively, and doing soooo well with her weight loss mission, plus I like that she posts lots of photos and funny pics up.
  2. Natasha at Creating Natasha - for her insight and determination - very inspiring.
  3. Poppet at Jane's Journey - I just really like this blog - really appeals to me.
  4. Byher at Bryher's Blog - inspiring seeing someone who has already reached goal, and the lovely Bryher is ever helpful!
  5. And last but not least - Losing Waist because this lady just keeps piling into the headwinds of life and I love her determination.

So that's my list. I read lots of other blogs besides these ones, and enjoy them else I wouldn't keep going back, so I love you all just as much *grin*.

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