Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'll take Flapjack for 12 points, please Bob

Read it and weep - 12 freakin' points for a flapjack!!!! Just one of those run of the mill, pre-packaged ones that you see at every service station in the country. How many times have I eaten those never knowing the damage I was doing?????? Never again!! It's just not worth it!

Right, with the rant out the way, rewind 24 hours or so. I spent a gorgeous day yesterday in Oxford with my friend Caroline. Since I was up late I had an early lunch of home-made soup and toast, and then let myself off the lead a bit food-wise for the rest of the day. I can't decide if it was entirely intentional, or just a bit of accident, but it was nice to enjoy the day even though I did end up at a whopping 39 points for the day. Eeeeeek!

But in those 39 points? A heavenly white chocolate and raspberry muffin, fruit smoothies, the most amazing haddock and green pea risotto with a poached egg on top, and the fantastically named Banoffee in a Bag dessert - baked banoffee in a sealed brown paper bag with ice cream and smashed ginger nuts on the side - rip the bag open with the provided steak knife - throw in the contents of the pots and devour. Oh. My. God. Pretty much an instant food orgasm!!! lol

The risotto and dessert were courtesy of The Living Room, which might now be near the top of my list of favourite chain brands - lovely food, really nice ambiance, live lounge music, great staff and surprisingly ... really well priced!!

In between the smorgasbord of good food consumed yesterday we pottered around Oxford, doing a little shopping and wandering amongst the scenic backdrop of college buildings on a sunny day. We talked a lot, walked a little and ate the good stuff. A really good day.

I was also extremely pleased to try on a pair of size 16 linen crop trousers in Fat Face and have them fit - in fact I'm sat wearing them as I type. Technically I was meant to be buying new work trousers with any money left over this week, but with the weather so good I got diverted into summer trousers instead!

I've spent today with Bridget and Tim biking the singletrack trails down at Ashton Court , just outside Bristol. 2 hours 20 mins of some quite strenuous biking, and I feel really good. I had a few moments when my legs felt like lead, but generally I'm feeling a lot fitter in the last couple of weeks which is great.

And then came the dreaded flapjack. We packed the bikes away and wandered up to the tea-shop to grab a sugar boost since we'd missed lunch. I was very tempted to grab a cheeky burger or some chips, but thought no, I'll get something a bit better for me, and swiped a flapjack off the basket on the counter. Just checked the points in the tracker ..... 12 ..... I can't believe it. So that one little piece of chewy, oaty, evilness has cost me more points than I earned on the bike.


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Bryher Hill said...

I can't believe how good banoffee in a bag sounds - where was that from? I NEED to go there!