Saturday, 9 May 2009


I went shopping today with my friend Bec. I've both spent too much money and eaten too much food. Damn.

I can go for a walk tomorrow and watch my points which will help repair that damage - I've only got about 8 points to haul back - 1 hour walk plus 4 points saved will solve that, but I'm in a bit of a conundrum what to do about the shopping. I could take back some stuff, but one of the things I bought is a red dress from Dorothy Perkins that would be really rather nice for the ball next weekend (and it's a 16 - I actually fitted in it even though it's a really fitted style and everything!!!). So I don't know whether to keep it, on the basis that it's really pretty, or return it on the basis that it cost £40, I do have another dress I can wear (I think - as long as it hasn't got too big round the bust - need to check that), and with any luck and a bit of hard work I'm not intending on staying a 16 for very long. Argh - decisions, decisions!!!

If I post some pictures up on here during the week will people help me decide??

Also bought a pretty cotton top from French Connection that's actually a 14(!!!!) but only because of the cut of the top - just a lot of fabric going on, a really cute trilby hat, and 2 pairs of shoes from Faith. I needed work shoes and found some in Faith, but I'm not convinced how comfortable they're going to be as I suspect they might pinch a bit. Then since it was buy one, get one half price (how gullible am I??) I bought some really nice tan wedge sandals as well. Soooooooo much money spent.

I need to have a serious think about what I want to keep - can't really afford all of it all. Oh pants.

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