Thursday, 28 May 2009

Oh crikey!

Firstly, I'm feeling very happy this morning. Nay, I would even go so far as to say smug and self-satisfied.

"Why?" I hear you cry!

Because, as usual, I sneaked a look at the scales this morning (sorry - it's the one bad habit I've not been able to break myself out of) and they are about this close (holds fingers about half cm apart) from being dead on 14 stone, and therefore nearly under 14 stone, and therefore getting to 2 and a half stone gone, and therefore ......... (big breath) ........ being halfway along my journey to goal. Just 2lbs to get there in fact.


On the other hand, I've just realised that I'm eating out for lunch today, tomorrow and Saturday and I'm supposed to be drinking lots at a house party in London on Sat night.


So, on the one hand, eating shit-loads of really calorific food and shifting my ass like crazy over the last 2 weeks appears to have jumped my metabolism into overdrive (woohoooo), and on the other hand, I have a feeling the scales might show a small reversal on their current position by Monday.

Ah well - once I've seen it there on the little screen once, I know it's easy enough to get it back, so hopefully I'll be there soon enough.

I'm due to go out running on the hills tonight with my little running club. Luckily we're not actually running up the hills as we're driving up there to meet, but I'm sure it'll be pretty challenging anyway.

I've also just realised that I'm heading to Norway a week today, and I'm totally unprepared. I haven't got my currency yet, and I've not got much in the way of clothes to take, so I think I'd better spend what little spare time I've got over the weekend trying to get a bit of sorting done - make some lists, get all my stuff washed and get a handle on what I need to buy, etc. Yep - that's right! - I shall actually attempt to be organised about this and not leave everything until the last moment so I can tie myself in knots and have a huge stress about packing. See - I can change my spots :o)

*Contented sigh*.

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