Friday, 1 May 2009

A bit of R & R

Much better today - I've just chilled out about the whole thing and I've found my sense of patience to just let it take its own time getting slimmer and fitter. Consequently, it's like I've found my mojo again - had a good day eating wise, and in fact, since taking some time out yesterday evening just for me, I just generally feel more relaxed and on the ball.

I haven't exercised either today or yesterday as I'm going to be walking round Oxford tomorrow, and then mountain-biking Sunday and possibly Monday, and I've really just generally enjoyed having this little time out.

Friday's always screw with my food patterns a bit because of the whole half day at work thing. By the time I've done my 5 hours and finished up I end up having a very late lunch when I get home. This in turn means that on an evening like tonight when I know I've got to be at the theatre at 7, I get a bit confused when it comes to dinner because I'm still full up. Realising I was still full today, I compromised by just grabbing a big bowl of cereal before I headed out, so was left with the lovely situation of still having just under 10 points left over for the day. I feel like I've really treated myself having an ice-cream in the interval at the theatre, and a packet of crisps at the pub. Yum.

Got tomorrow planned out in my head already - I'll have eggs for breakfast - probably scrambled or poached on toast, and then the left over homemade soup from today for lunch - thereby leaving loads of points for dinner out tomorrow. Good stuff!

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Poppett said...

Hi Sue,

Lovely to hear that you have got your Mojo back!!I do think sometimes you need a bit of 'time out' to regain focus.

Glad you savoured the cheesecake...but has got me to thinking I would like some now (wonders what delights Tesco may have tomorrow!)

Keep up the great work honey :0)))

Jane xx