Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Day 2 (Week 2) - status report

I'm feeling somewhat disappointed with myself for yesterday's choices. They weren't as good as they could have been, so I didn't save any points, and the blame sits firmly at my door (i.e. nobody strapped to me to a chair, forced my jaws open and shoved food down my throat).
  • Points eaten - 23. Not over my daily allowance, but no points saved like I wanted either. I don't feel like I'm as focused this week, and so when B came over for tea last night, I allowed myself to be tempted away from the path of righteousness, a.k.a. sticking to my plan, and then I used more points than I intended. I need to refocus and get my mojo kicked into touch for the week.
  • Fluids - fine - got a smiley face on my tracker.
  • Exercise - went for a 20 min run with B. My legs still felt absolutely knackered from Pump on Monday, but running with someone was nice - I think I'm slowly losing the fear of that. We did walk briefly twice on the circuit - both times instigated by B, but I've got to admit they were a relief. I think the difference with the break though is I run slightly faster in between which kind of evens it out a bit. It still takes 20 mins to complete and I'm still absolutely dead when I'm done.

It's a fresh day today and my foot is readied to kick my ass in gear. This is a complicated manouvre involving some interesting contortions if you've never seen it done before, but I'm practiced at it. Circus contortionists ain't got nothing on me when I decide a little self-ass kicking is in order!! I promise that tomorrow I will report both points saved, and exercise done. It's spin tonight, but I'm in a later class than normal with my old instructor. Actually, it'll be good because his classes are a lot faster with a lot of sprints and races to get a real burn going, plus forfeits for the losing team. So that's half an ass-kicking right there.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

The self ass-kick is a great motivator. Way to incorporate it into your routine.