Friday, 29 May 2009

Just another day

*Taps fingers on the desk and pouts whilst wondering what's new to report*

Errrrr ... went for a run last night, actually up on the hills, with my little running club. I had a bit of a stress that I didn't actually know which car-park we were meeting in, but luckily by lurking in opportune places I got found by Mark, our lovely leader.

It was actually a glorious evening up there, still clear blue skies and sunny (by which, you should read, hot) at 6 in the evening. We ran (well, more of a slow jog really) a mixture of hillside trails and some road, and did a kind of convoluted figure of 8 to bring us up to the 5k marker. There was some walking in there (because I was dying quietly) and a couple of short breaks whilst we all caught up with each other, but besides that it was quite a nice steady pace. I was literally dripping sweat by the time we were done, but that's definitely a route I'd consider running on my own.

Besides working on my stamina, which I guess will just get slowly better with time, I'm conscious that I'm a very slow runner, so when I'm out I sometimes concentrate on just trying to lengthen my stride a little bit to increase my pace. Tiring but satisfying. I'm just hoping this running club keeps going as the 5k race the others have been training for is the weekend after next, and I'd hate to think this little club might disband so soon. I might have to lobby to make it a permanent fixture if the others are interested.

Besides running, I ate lots of food yesterday! We had a buffet lunch out, and whilst I did just about manage to reign that in enough that I didn't run over my points for the day, that would have meant eating a zero point tea, and frankly, I just didn't feel like it after running. So I had a nice tea instead, but I still managed to save one point for the day after balancing it against running.

Today? I had a toasted teacake with butter this morning at elevenses, and thoroughly enjoyed every damn mouthful of it! Hopefully, I'm meeting my dad in a bit for lunch in the sunshine on the hills at a local hotel which does very nice bar-food. Just need to make sure that I make a sensible food choice, although luckily the rising temperatures at the moment reduces my appetite somewhat. Going to have a night with the girls tonight, and then I'm shooting off to London early tomorrow morning to meet a friend for lunch in Clapham (and extended sitting in the sun / drinking / gossiping) and then a house-warming party in the evening. Sunday's down as being my chill out day and possibly a sorting out kit for Norway day.

Eeeeeek - I hate packing, so watch the procrastination begin!!!


kimberlina said...

Wow well done for sticking with the running. I'm struggling a bit to fit in the time but still trying! Are you doing the 5km as well as the rest of the group? Have a good week, Kim x

starfish264 said...

Hey - it's funny with the running - I'm making the time because I'm actually quite enjoying it, so it's not such a chore to give up time that would otherwise be spent doing other stuff instead. I'm not going to be doing the 5k with them as I'm in Norway next weekend when they're running it, but I'm thinking of putting myself down to do a 5k at some point this year anyway, and maybe, just maybe, a 10k. Eeeeek!