Sunday, 10 May 2009

Downtime Day

I'm having a selfishly me-focused day. I've had a lie-in, I've cooked (and eaten) soup. I'm debating walking to the supermarket for baking ingredients to make molasses muffins. And I'm going to tackle the clutter. I'm also thinking of going for a nice walk later, or a run, to collect some activity points.

Lovely and lazy, with no thought for anyone else - just the way I like my days. If I had a hammock and a bigger balcony I'd probably lying out soaking up the spring sunshine with a straw hat tipped over my nose - that's the kind of mood I feel in today.

My flatmate, culinary genius that she is, has just rolled home-made pasta which is currently hanging on racks in the kitchen airing (or whatever it is that home-made pasta has to do). It all feels really nice and domestic.

I haven't really got much else to say today, so I shall go and do something off the list at the top and stop wittering on.

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