Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 3 - status report

Ha - ironically, on the less complicated day food-wise I actually ran a point over because I decided that I wanted a little pot of Haagen Dazs pralines and cream at the cinema last night. Typical. It tasted pretty good though. So here's the major highlights:
  • 21 points used, 2 points saved. Not quite perfect, and in fact it would have been 2.5 points saved but I forgot I had an apple at lunch. Oh the little things ....
  • Daily drinks quota - tick.
  • Exercise - ditched spinning as I just didn't have enough time to get to the supermarket, spin and have dinner before the cinema, but went for a 20 min run instead.

I really, really didn't feel like running last night. By the time I'd driven back from work, done a very quick pitstop at the supermarket for essentials, and got back home I was feeling tired and low-sugar, and it was drizzling rain and cold. But I kept thinking that if I didn't do it I'd break all the effort I'd put in so far this week, and in any case if I was feeling tired I could just walk when it got too much. So having dumped the shopping bags on the kitchen counter, I literally stopped long enough to get changed, drag on a fleece and fill my water bottle and then headed out.

I did my usual circuit, but in reverse for a change of scenery and gradients, and chopped out the last tiny bit to turn back up the hill one road earlier (the difference is literally about 50m's in distance, but the hill on the earlier turning is a lot kinder, the further one is steep and a killer). Set out with legs already feeling like lead, but crested over the first little incline without stopping and on down and across, and that kind of takes you to half way, and then it's down and across again. Then up another little incline, cross the main road, and then across and down again, and then it's only the final road back up and flat back home. I kept thinking that I could just stop when it became too much, and though I was barely more than walking speed sometimes, my wibbly-wobbly apres-windsurfing legs somehow got me the whole way round. Does it ever get any easier though??

On to day 4. Soup and low fat mousse bought from home for lunch. Home-made muffin for a snack. I'm going to try and save 4 points instead of 3 to make up for yesterday, and I've got a night in organising my packing for tomorrow so no temptations tonight. Haven't decided yet what exercise to do tonight, but I will try and do at least half an hour of something - maybe just go out for a walk and get some fresh air and let my tired muscles relax.

It feels a bit like a military operation this week, and I certainly couldn't keep this level of discipline up for ever, but it's a good way to give myself a kick up the ass and remind myself what I'm capable of when I set my mind to it.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sometimes you have to look at it like a military operation. Shock and awe, baby.

Way to stick with it!

starfish264 said...

In that case, I'm like the raw new recruit who doesn't know what's hit her - just need to get to the stage where it all seems normal and a walk in the park.

A very wise author I read wrote "You've successfully made a habit out of staying overweight. Congratulations. Now all you've got to do is make a habit of losing weight". I think he hit the nail on the head.