Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Day 2 - status report

I'm now on day 3 of this week's mission. Day 2 wasn't easy, but I was successful in each of my aims.
  • I squeaked in at 20 points for the day, with the aid of a zero point dinner - just did my usual tomato and chunky veg sauce that I have with gnocchi or pasta, and didn't bother with the carbs themselves. Still tasty and filling though - kind of like veg casserole.
  • The smiley face is there on my chart - testament to me drinking plenty of water. I probably also inadvertently picked a few extra millilitres of lake water whilst windsurfing too!
  • As you may have guessed the weather held, so we went windsurfing last night, so that's my exercise in the can. First time out in 6 months, feeling very wobbly and a little nervous, but no time to worry with the wind gusting up a storm and lots of concentration required. Fell in a lot, but got some good sailing in too, and felt more confident as time went on. I was absolutely dead after an hour on (and in) the water, so made my way back up wind to the beach and called it a day. I've got a few new bruises this morning, 2 on my shin and one on my arm, and lots of aching muscles - if you want an all over work out, screw body pump, just do an hour on the board! My glutes hurt, my abs are sore, my triceps are one solid ache and my shoulders protest when I move. It feels gooooooooooood. FYI - it appears losing 2 stone makes it a lot easier to haul your ass up on the board - good job really as I spent quite a lot of time doing that last night!
So - on to day 3. Things should be a bit less complicated food-wise today, as I haven't got any annoying lunches out or cakes to contend with. Bought my lunch with me from home, had a good solid breakfast, and I'm nearly at the bottom of my second drink already. I've got spin tonight to tick off my exercise goal, and a peek at the scales this morning says another half a lb gone.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's the best kind of exercise... when it doesn't feel like exercise (I never considered wind-surfing as a means to consume more water... you learn some new weight loss tip every day).

Keep it up!