Monday, 25 May 2009

A fresh new week

The verdict's in from last week: no change in either direction. I officially stayed the same this week, and I can't quite work out whether I'm relieved or disappointed. On the one hand it's obviously good that I made it through the crazy amounts of food at the weekend without completely destroying all my good efforts, but on the other hand, you can't help feeling a bit disappointed that all that good work in the early part of the week counts for nothing!!!

We've spent today having a picnic at the nearby Ragley Hall, and playing in the park - no kids involved, just a bunch of very immature and childish young adults! I pointed my picnic before I went, but I fear I may still run over my points today, as I've just said sod it to having pizza next door with the boys for dinner. I do hearby solemnly vow to only have 2 pieces though, and to fill the rest of my plate with spinach and some sweet chilli sauce.

It's been a gorgeous day - the weather was a bit shakey earlier, but we persevered through it and the sun eventually made its much awaited appearance - yay!!! Aside from the picnic, we've played in the dual-layer maze, messed around in the adults adventure playground on the zip-wire and trampolines, and the big slides, we've played frisbee and rounders and I've been goofing around with my mate's diablo.

So today marks the start of a fresh week. No crazy saving of points this week, as although I am away in London this coming weekend, it shouldn't be anything too lethal on the healthy-eating front. It'll be nice to be free to play with my points a bit more this week, which allows me the little luxuries of things like pizza tonight. There should still be plenty of exercise, as B will be over tomorrow night, and I've got spin and running club on Weds and Thurs. I also think the hotter weather helps, as I'm more inclined to eat lighter meals and have more salad on my plate.
I've got a little mini challenge on for myself to try and beat the 14 stone marker round about the time I head to Norway in a fortnight - I have no idea if I'll get there in time, and honestly it's not the end of the world if I don't, but it's a nice little thing to keep me focused for the next two weeks.

Hope you've all be enjoying this early summer sun - I certainly have as my somewhat red right shoulder will bear testament!! I'm going to leave it here for today and potter about and do a bit of tidying before the pizza's ready.

Catch ya later, kids!

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joianni said...

Whenever I have planned for a bad day and saved points, then gone a bit bonkers I have always had a good loss. I think it kick starts the metabolism in me, so if you are good this week it might show on the scales next week.

It sounds like you had fun anyway, and you still need to live your life while dieting :o)