Thursday, 21 May 2009

Things I would like to do this year ...

I've been thinking recently of all the things I want to do. The odd thing strikes me here or there, and I think "hell yeah - I definitely want to try that!". So, here for prosperity, is a list of the things I would like to achieve this year. Some might be done sooner than others, some might not be done til next year, the year after, or may always be a pipe-dream, but here goes:

  • Run for 30-40 mins consistently without dying. Preferably enter and complete a 5k, and possibly a 10k run, and do something for charity while I'm at it.
  • Complete a black run on my mountain-bike without committing inadvertant suicide.
  • Wear a pair of size 14 trousers.
  • Learn to get up on my heel-edge on my snowboard even when the piste's flat, and learn to ride / turn goofy (back leg first).
  • Also get down a red run on a snowboard in one piece.
  • Have another go at climbing, and try not to panic this time.
  • Walk up a mountain (without dying and constantly whingeing, moaning, being the tale-end Sally, feeling sorry for myself).
  • Wear a backless top and feel good about myself.
  • Generally, feel good about myself.
  • Have a really girly photo-shoot done when I reach my current goal weight of 11st 6lb.
  • Get the hang of beach-starting on my windsurfer.
  • Learn to feel comfortable planing in the harness on my windsurfer, because I'm not going to be constantly worrying that my excessive weight is just going to pull the whole thing over.
  • Stop feeling so bloody self-conscious about trying things just in case I get them wrong and somebody laughs at the fat girl.
  • Actually flirt with people I find attractive, because I'm not going to just shy away from possible rejection.
  • Get in front of the camera more often, rather than ducking out because I'm not feeling as extrovert as everyone else.

I think that's all the ones that I can come up with easily at the moment. It's probably a never-ending, never-changing list in reality, but these are the one's that catch my attention at my current state of being.

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