Thursday, 7 May 2009


I had Chinese for tea, and I don't feel so brilliant now. I didn't have anything excessive, some chow mein and some chicken and sweetcorn soup, but it's sitting like lead in my stomach. Gross. Next time I want it, I might just not bother.

What's worse is that my next door neighbour Sid gave me grief earlier (albeit in a teasing way, but grief none the less) because a) I didn't feel like going for a run with him when I got home from work, and b) I said I was going to have Chinese. His grief on the second point was along the lines of "what's the point in doing all that exercise if you're going to go and have Chinese now?". The point of doing all that exercise is so I can have Chinese or similar food if I want to and still lose weight. Honestly, I feel like I'm being nannied by the world's biggest hypocrite - I've seen what he eats when he wants to!!!

Tuh!!! MEN!!!

I'm going to go and take my grumbling, gurgling tummy off somewhere else now.

Signing off - the not-very-happy-bunny.

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Bryher Hill said...

awwww hun, people are just annoying sometimes aren't they?

sorry to hear your chinese wasn't up to scratch, I think thats what we are having tonight and yep, I'm planning on doing some time on the wiifit before then to semi justify it - at least most chinese is low pointed...