Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Day 1 (week 2) - status report

So here we go again for the week. It was a funny old day yesterday as I spent most of it in town either at the opticians for various appointments or lurking / shopping waiting for my glasses to be made up. For me, that means that it's great for snacking as I'm busy and not thinking about food, although does mean making a sensible choice come lunchtime (god bless Caffe Nero and their healthy choice paninis!).

All in all, not a bad day yesterday:
  • Points eaten - 21. I ate an extra point over my 20 purely because I didn't have any normal size jacket potatoes left in the house when I was cooking dinner and have to have a larger one, but I think I can live with that. I was absolutely gagging for some dessert of some sort in the evening, so I resolutely spent about an hour and a half doing some much needed tidying of my room instead to distract myself.
  • Fluids - tick. I was coming up a bit short on this as I went into the evening so I chugged my way through 2 pints of water whilst I was tidying. Good - but not wholly conducive to an unbroken nights sleep!
  • Exercise - Body Pump class. I was typically late to get there as I thought it started 15 mins later and arrived in a dishevelled, flushed mess and had to try and squeeze my workstation in to the packed class. I hate being late as it means most of the kit is already in use and you have to make do with what's left. So no 5kg plates left, and a weirdly annoying bar end (the gadget that keeps the weights on the bar). It was a tough class as I miscalculated when loading my bar for Squats and ended up with more weight than I usually have, which is hell when you hit the bottom half only squats and your legs are screaming. Definitely seeing some improvement in other things though - I can just about manage the tricep dips which are my nemesis, and actually doing full plank in the abs track rather than doing a cheat-y knees on the floor plank.

So on to day 2. Been back to the optician's this morning and they've said that there's still an interruption in the cornea but it seems to be healing clearly. I've got to leave my lenses out for 5 days and then see how I go, which by my calculations means I can put them back in on the day of the wedding (yay!).

Got healthy food with me today, and tonight's my night for running. Bridget's asked to come out with my this evening on my run, so we'll see how that goes. I was just thinking about the weekend, and I reckon I might take my bike over to the girls' house with me, before the wedding, and I can go try out the trails in the Wyre Forest on Sunday then.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Wow, sounds like you've really got your act together. Keep up the good work.