Thursday, 5 March 2009

Aaaaah - much better

Much better day today - possibly because my SP at the scales this morning said I had already lost 2lbs this week. I won't hold my breath, but it's nice to see anyway.

I tripped up slightly at the pub last night as someone had bought along a big bag of toffees from a trip to Sweden - no matter how many times I said to myself "that's the last one", some how another one sneaked in. Still - I don't think I ate too many (10 ish? May be not even that), and I walked back from the pub which is about 20 mins and then conscientiously tried to point them up.

I'm kicking off the weekend's round of social stuff tonight with a quiz night with work - should be ok as I've got 14 points left after dinner, and although I'm eating dinner at a friend's house first, I'm driving so can avoid the dreaded wine tonight. It's amazing how much more in control I feel after just a couple of weeks on WW's - a couple of weeks ago I swear I would have been panicking at the thought of so many social situations and mentally going over the points - I think I've fallen into new habits quite quickly though so don't need to think so much about it anymore.

After mentioning my award at work yesterday, I got confirmation of it through this morning - and £310 worth of vouchers to spend!!! Unfortunately, I had two items in mind that I really wanted to get with the vouchers - a new pair of UGG boots (since I passed my 8lb loss marker on my 09 Fit and Healthy Challenge, I'm now allowed to buy them!) and a gorgeous handbag I saw in M & S that was over a £100 - and of all the places you can spend the vouchers - I can't get either - gutted!!! Might just hang on to them for a while - there's loads of really nice shops like Whistles on the list, as well as staples like Topshop, so maybe I'll reward myself when I lose a bit more weight!

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