Tuesday, 17 March 2009

..... and she's back in the game!

I just wanted to say thanks guys, for your absolutely spot on comments after my last post. You're absolutely right - I've really only been at this a short while so far, it will just slide away a bit at a time, and frankly as for my self-inflicted target of 15 st by the end of the month - weeell, I'm close enough now, that really what does it matter by a couple of lb's? It's not like I'd see that difference in my clothes / appearance.

So - the self-indulgent wallowing is packed up back in it's bag and put away where it belongs.

On the upside, I treated myself to a couple of new pairs of jeans yesterday - ones that will hopefully give me a bit of leeway to lose weight and have them still fit. I was particularly happy to be able to buy size 18 jeans from Next, as although I've always been in and out of 18's in pretty much every other shop - theirs have always defeated me.

I've also started to ruthlessly cull my wardrobe, one little bit at a time. If I put it on, look at it, and it doesn't make me comfortable because it's hanging a bit baggy - it's going. If it's got funny little marks on that I know aren't going to come out - it's going. If it's got those funny little holes in that just seem to magically appear in your favourite tops when you're not looking - it's going. There is absolutely no point in me keeping clothes that are worn out, or already starting to look too big - especially the last one as I have no intention of going back there to fit them again. The only ones I don't currently wear that get to stay are the one's that are still a bit too small. Bit by bit I'm going to slim this wardrobe down so it's actually all good stuff that I wear.

Woman on a mission - coming through!!!

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