Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Sanity restored

Oh dear - I was feeling grumpy earlier! Still - I have regained a bit of my equilibrium now. Having wasted a fair amount of the day being Grumpus Extremus, I felt a bit guilty and bought my laptop home to catch up on some work .... needless to say it's still sat on the bed from where I put it down when I arrived home.

Went to see the physio this evening, who's verdict is that there's no permanent damage causing the aches, but one way or another my hamstrings have got overly tight, and that's probably the root of a lot of the current discomfort. After 15 mins of her brutalising (sorry: working) on my hamstrings, they were a lot looser and I could actually touch the floor again, and I've got stretches to do for the rest of the week. Other than that, I can exercise as normal - yay.

Interestingly, she took one look at all my joints (far too double-jointed) and some of the bruises I'm currently (still) sporting and asked if I was often clumsy (I am). She thinks I might have something called Dyspraxia (sp?), which I should go and read up on, but apparently might have something to do with my constant, awe-inspiring ability to walk into anything in an even vaguely close proximity to myself. Whatever it is, she reckons that a lot of core work might help straighten it out. With that in mind, I've also got a strange whoopee-cushion looking device that will now be residing on my office chair under my arse - it's basically a disc-shaped cushion you sit on (like a really small, flat Swiss ball) that destabilises you and forces you to work to sit better. Guess we'll see how that goes.

Had a bash at making leek and potato soup for the first time this evening - mushed together a couple of different recipes off the WW's site, but the result was very nice and tasty, and I've got another couple of portions for lunches this week, at only 1 point each. Bargain - and I love it when I'm organised.

Well, I'm going to take my slightly saner brain off to bed now.

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