Friday, 13 March 2009

Win some, lose some

Wow - who said Friday the 13th was a bad day? The scales this morning said I might lose some weight this week after all, I'm wearing skinny black jeans that used to be really tight and now fit nicely, with a belt that I bought to use as a waist belt, but is now used for trousers instead and seems to have jumped in an extra notch. There was zero traffic on the way into work this morning, so I was in at 7.30 and out by 12.30, and even managed to polish off pretty much all the work including the last minute requests for info from the States. And we were told today finally that our jobs are safe and there's not going to be compulsory redundancies after all - don't think I realised how relieved I was going to feel about that.

So took my Dad out for a nice lunch in town - lush food, although now used up all my points for the day as I had a little blow out. I had the home-made soup (very sensible I hear you say) but also treated myself to a side bowl of their fries with garlic mayo as they are some of the best you will ever taste - piping hot, crisp, not to greasy, and just the right amount of salt on them, and the mayo is to die for. Also had a peach syllabub for dessert - very tasty but almost a bit too creamy for me. Felt ridiculously full afterwards, and yeah, I'll be eating zero point soup for dinner, and it was a lot of points to blow in one go (think it came to about 22 with my rough guesstimating of points), but I can't quite bring myself to regret it as it was a really nice chance to catch up with my dad and cheer him up as he's been so down recently. In any case, I've got some bonus points stacked up this week to use, and I'm quite tempted to shuffle off to the gym for half an hour in a bit as I'm feeling rather lazy today (weird - I like being lazy!).

Given how well the day seems to have gone, I thought maybe I was having a bit of a lucky day, so decided to have a little flutter on the Cheltenham Gold Cup - my whole office has got a bit caught up in it this week given that we can see the racecourse from our office and we've had to put up with the traffic chaos (hence the early starts to avoid it) and the constant stream of helicopters buzzing our office all week. Weeellllll - the luck had to run out somewhere .... changed my bets from Cauto Star and Neptune Collanges to Madison du Berlais and Neptune Collanges at the last minute - of course Cauto Star then went on to win and Neptune Collanges just got beaten into 4th. Hey ho - you win some, you lose some, and I'm not going to argue with the one's I've won today!

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