Thursday, 19 March 2009

Still hanging in there

Haven't found a lot of time to write in the last couple of days, but I'm still hanging in there, doing the WW's thing. Went out for a b'day dinner last night, and ran over on points, but I'm on the way to recouping them now, so should finish the week on an even keel. Have finally got round to booking to see the physio at the gym next Tuesday - bit scared that she's going to say I have to lay off all exercise for a while, but guess I'll have to jump that hurdle when I get to it. I wanted to try Body Combat tonight and had booked in, especially as I missed spin class yesterday, but I'm just too damn achey to risk it at the moment - will try and do a gentle session tomorrow to make up for it.

Have realised today that I at least have more confidence than a lot of people my size - there were lots of people on the forum earlier talking about how they dread the summer because they hate their bodies so much they won't even wear a skirt or a sleeveless top, and there's me - galumphing round merrily in whatever I choose. I guess that's a bit of perspective for me - I may not love my body, but I've come to terms with most of it, and can at least identify one or two bits that are worth showing off (my cleavage usually lol).

The funny thing is, I genuinely think that that's one of the reasons I might actually have a bit of success with WW's - that I don't hate myself, and I can like myself enough to want to do something good for me, and that I do deserve that much.

Just can't figure out why I had to wait so long to get to that point, and waste the best part of goddamn 20's getting to that point!!!

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Poppett said...

Oh hun,

I know how you feel. It's all toooo easy to get caught up in hating our bodies but as you say, if we learned to be a bit more friendly to ourselves, we might just get there a bit faster and far more happily :-)

You go girl, keep up the great work

J zxx