Saturday, 14 March 2009

An evening wasted

Gaaaaah - stupid car broke down on the way to J and L's; had to wait nearly 3 hours on a pitch black dual-carriageway for the RAC to come and get me, despite about 4 phone calls to find out what the hell was taking them so long. The long and the short of it is that the car is temporarily dead, and I had to be towed back to my local garage before being given a lift home. What an absolute waste of an evening, and now I won't get to see the girls for a couple of weeks. :o(

On the upside, I suppose it saved me from my second meal out of the day, and at least I managed to sort out the shopping first. The offfending expensive items have been taken back, and I've bought some useful (and inexpensive) tops from H & M in their place. I tried on a couple of pairs of jeans whilst I was out, and although I was very pleased to see that the 18's in both Dorothy Perkins and Next were starting to fit very nicely, I decided against buying anything yet. With any luck I might be able to cling on to my current pairs of jeans long enough that I can just skip to getting a couple of pairs of size 16's instead. Oh my god - I can't tell how excited I would be to be buying a 16 - don't think I've ever really properly been that size before!

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Anonymous said...

Cars are stupid aren't they? Maybe it was divine intervention like you say though in stopping you going out for another meal!!! I can't believe the RAC took so long, what was their excuse? Do they not offer a money back thing if they don't get to you within a certain time?