Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Yay - new belt required!

I am very happy to report that I had to buy a new belt for my jeans last night - the old one was on the tightest hole and starting to get a bit loose - not an ideal situation when you can already take the jeans off without undoing them!! So I went an bought a replacement - I am officially now a L in Next rather than an XL - happy days!!

Also bought some lovely new work trousers which were rather flattering (although will require sky-scraper heels to get them off the ground!) and a lovely bright cherry-red belted trench coat - it makes me smile just looking at it because it's such a cheerful colour!

Bumped into a friend whilst I was out shopping and we ended up having dinner together at hers - went to M & S to get some food for dinner, and like all my other friends, she asked "What can you have that's ok for your points". I told her not to worry too much, and get what she wanted, but she was adamant that we'd get "good" stuff - I swear if I ever tried to give up on WW's my friend's wouldn't let me!!! Which is probably a good thing :o)

Had a lovely compliment this morning when I decided to treat myself to a small hot chocolate from the coffee shop on site - the girls behind the counter are always very friendly, and since I haven't been in for a few weeks (since starting WW's in fact, and realising how many points my daily hot chocolates were taking up - even with skimmed milk), they asked if I'd been away on holiday, because I looked like I was "glowing with health" - I think I'll attribute that to WW's if nobody else has any objections!

Be glad to have today finished with - it's the busiest day of the month for me at work, which is irritating as it means I will most likely miss my regular Tuesday night trip to the gym and then girls night with my friend Bridget - shall have to make doubly sure that I try and get to the gym another night - maybe Thursday, as I've been enjoying the sessions.

Will be meeting up with my new fitness buddy Ed for a bike ride on Sunday - bit nervous as we've never met before, although he seems very sane, and also that he might be light years fitter than me and I'll be embarrassingly far behind!! Oh well - I've tried to warn him, so we'll just have to see - might have to raise my game a bit!

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wildeone said...

Now a new belt is a huge NSV!!!! Wow well done!

Enjoy your night out

J x