Sunday, 1 March 2009


OK - I've bit the bullet - please don't laugh at the following, but I figured since I'm blogging everything else on here, I might as well track my measurements on here as well!

So, as at today this is where I am:

Hips - 48"
Waist - I have a weird figure as my waist is really high and then my hips really flare out so two waist measurements - Upper Waist (at the narrowest bit) - 40.5", Lower Waist (at belly button) - 46.5"
Chest - 46"
Upper Arm - 13"
Upper Leg - 27.5"

Let's see if I can improve on some of these! I don't know how often I should remeasure - weekly seems too often so I'll either have another look in 2 or 4 weeks time. Kind of wish I'd started this at the beginning so I'd know what progress I'd already made!

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Poppett said...

I did my measurements the other day and have lost approx 8.5 inches from all over..made up for the sts I had this week so it's a good reminder that things are still happening the right way!!

Good luck for your next measurements..I do mine monthly.

P xx