Sunday, 22 March 2009

Progress report

I'm sat here looking at the blank page trying to work out what's new since I last scribbled my thoughts on here.

The answer appears to be not a huge amount.

Let's see ..... Friday afternoon it was such a nice afternoon that I decided to go for a stroll on the hills. Normally I cheat and drive to one of the car parks up on the hills and then walk to the top from there, but since my hills pass (that allows me to park for free) is still in my car, stranded at the dealership, I decided to walk up from the house for a change. Wanting to take it easy, I decided I would just walk up for half an hour, see where I got to, and then stroll back down.

I usually avoid walking from the house, because the first bit, through town to get to the hills, is pretty steep, and it always annoys me that it's 15 mins before you hit the hills proper. But actually it was pleasant to just stroll up at my own pace, taking it slowly and enjoying the afternoon. I also found that even when I left town and started walking up through the gardens that lead on to the hills (where it starts to get a lot steeper - it kicks off with a flight of about 50 steps), that actually I wasn't all out of breath and sweaty, and just kept steadily plodding on up the hill. At my designated half an hour point I had just arrived above the St Annes Well, which is some way up the Worcestershire Beacon, and where there is a rather convenient view point over the Worcestershire countryside.

Sometimes it's just so nice to stop and sit, listen to the silence on the hills, and the noises drifting up from below and feel the breeze floating past. It makes me realise that I should make more use of the gorgeous hills I live on, and I think maybe I should try and make more of a habit of going for a Friday afternoon walk. Maybe just stick to an hour at first, and I can always make it longer once I feel a bit fitter and the sunsets are later.

Saturday saw me off on a jaunt to Cribbs Causeway for shopping with the girls - Amanda (my flatmate) and Sheena. Spent way, way too much money, but came back very satisfied that I'd purchased another top from Animal in a 16 (and a structured top rather than a t-shirt this time), and a cute little double-breasted swing jacket from M & S in blue in a 16, after the 18 proved to be too baggy. There was also a lovely, long, nipped-waist shirt from H & M that looks great belted over leggings or jeans - it was an 18, but given how notoriously stingy H & M sizes can be on occasion, I'm happy with that. Other purchases included new flip-flops for the summer and some awesomely high canvas wedges to wear with my lovely new super-flares I bought the other week.

Ok, so I'm broke now, but also happy.

Saturday evening saw us attending the 50th birthday party of my friend Bridget's dad. Even though I had some points saved for drinks, it turned out that there was a massive and amazing buffet laid on. Rather than sit there being miserable and wanting stuff from it all night, I made the conscious decision to go off-plan for one night only as long as I was sensible. So I had one moderate plate from the savoury stuff, and two of the mini (and I mean mini!) desserts - the size of individual chocolates, they probably contained all the calories under the sun, but damn they tasted good. Add a slice of b'day cake (it would be rude not to really!) and some white wine spritzers, and it was a lovely evening.

This morning I've jumped straight back on plan, and I've pointed the damage from last night, which wasn't really any better or worse than expected. A SP this morning showed that I was still on course for a good loss this week, but either way I don't regret it. These situations will crop up from time to time and we've just got to learn to cope with them - either to be strong enough to slog it out with a night of denial (like my flatmate), or just to take it in your stride and say "hey, the losses might be slower this way, but oh boy, am I enjoying it!" (my preferred choice). Only the scales can reveal the truth tomorrow morning!

Had a nice chilled out day today, up late and then went to get some flowers for my grandma's 95th birthday tomorrow. Three dozen pink roses later, I met Sheena for (the now routine) afternoon coffee and gossip, and then mooched on over to my Dad's to see him and my grandma. Had a sandwich for tea, and but resisted most of the cakes as felt that I was already full.

And that brings me to my latest discovery this week. I think I'm finally getting back in touch with my appetite and my understanding of when I feel full. I've noticed a couple of times in the last couple of days that as I've neared the end of a meal I've realised I'm full and that I don't really need, or therefore want, the last little bit. A bit of a surprise when I even did it with the remains of the chips at Nando's yesterday lunchtime!

The first part of next week should be pretty quiet on a social front, so it's a good excuse for me to stockpile some points. I'm going to need them as I'm away the whole of next weekend on a hen party with a group of 20 girls. I haven't quite decided my strategy yet - whether to save as much as poss and then not point, but just try and be sensible, or to try and point it as I go along. A while ago I was thinking about what to do when I go away and don't have internet access, and I thought the best thing might be to buy myself a pretty little notebook and take it with me to scribble down what I've had and anything else of relevance while I'm away. This weekend will also be a test of self-esteem, as not only am I required to dress up as a footballer's wife for the murder mystery on the Sat night (complete with short, short skirt), but there's a private indoor pool at the cottage and I suspect there's going to be an impromptu pool party at some point - oh joy!!!

Check back in to see how preparations are going this week, and to give your thoughts and suggestions on the best way to tackle it!!!

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