Sunday, 15 March 2009

PWT (Pre Weigh-in Tension)

Eeeek - weigh in tomorrow, and I can't tell if I'm impatient to see the results from this week, or anxious in case they're not as good as I'd hoped. I really must stop peeking at the scales throughout the week - up til yesterday they were saying I'd already clocked a big 3lb loss this week, but they'd bounced back to only a 1lb loss this morning. Ah well, it's all in the averages I suppose so I need to stop getting so fixated on the individual weekly results, but it's hard not to when you've been particularly well behaved during the week - have been trying so hard to stick to my daily point allowances this week each day and not really eaten into my bonus points.

Since the bike ride this morning was cancelled due to me not being over with my friends after all, I made the most of the sun and walked down to retrieve my bike from the car which is now marooned at the garage. Had a nice sunny 20 min walk down the hill to garage, and then a fun (?) bike ride back up. I was quite pleased though actually because I'm not finding that hill as tough as I'm sure I used to. Going to have to walk back down again tomorrow to take the keys in and explain what's happened, and hopefully (fingers crossed) to pick up a courtesy car, otherwise I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to be getting to work this week since the office is 20 miles away!

Wandered in town after that to meet my friend Sheena for coffee and a belated lunch in my case. Grrr that the coffee shop has run out of skimmed milk for my chai latte, so had to have semi-skimmed instead - a whole extra point and a half!!!!! lol Weird how these things matter now. Sheena said that she really thought she could see a difference in me now though, which was very sweet of her - buoyed me up a little bit.

Actually I've just had a bit of a funny thought - I was musing on the way home from coffee about a guy I think I quite like, and then doing my usual routine of mentally slapping myself and thinking "oh but he won't fancy you - why would he? You're fat", and it's just occurred to me - what excuse am I going to use when I'm not any more? Hmmm - think I'd better start thinking about that! (Oh, and don't worry - it's not that I hate myself when I think these things - more a useful self-defence mechanism to avoid disappointment :o))

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