Sunday, 29 March 2009

What a weekend!

This weekend was the hen party of my friend Kate, who I've known since school. Friday afternoon, after an absolutely hectic day at work, I set off to collect friends and travel up to rural Lincolnshire - the venue of the weekend's festivities.

Up til Thursday I'd been diligently saving points this week to try and offset some of the damage at the party. I'm a bit disappointed that one way or another I didn't make it to the gym more often this week, but best laid plans and all that malarkey. Friday turned out to be one of those days when loads of little things conspire against you, so nothing runs as smoothly as it should. Work ended up running way over, so I was late home, then when I left, having just about had time to throw lunch down my neck at 4pm, and 10 mins to pack, I realised that my sat nav charger and mount were in my car down at the garage, and therefore I was going to have to wing it to my friend's house without. Later in the car, I realised I'd forgotten pyjama bottoms (d'oh) and the required bottle of bubbly and one of wine (bugger), because I'd been so wrapped up in the fact that I'd be drinking vodka and slimline tonic, which I had remembered.

Anyhoo, after about 4 hours we eventually got there and the mayham commenced. 20 girls in a massive cottage for the weekend with no neighbours to disturb and a hot-tub, indoor heated pool, karaoke and a games room at their disposal .... plus a very well-stocked drinks fridge - brilliant!!!

Needless to say, there's been a lot of food and drink pass my lips this weekend. Friday night was ok - I was a few points over for the day, but nothing disastrous, but despite the best intentions on Saturday and trying to make wise decisions, dinner caught me out (no choice in what we ate) and I gave up trying to point somewhere around 50 points. Yep - 50. Read it and weep. I certainly will when I step on the scales tomorrow! Today was back to my usual good behaviour, but I expect there may be a gain tomorrow - I'm putting my bet in at 2lbs but we'll see.

Don't regret a minute though - walks on the beach (nearly blown away), chilled wine in the hot-tub, hilarious fancy dress for a murder mystery dinner, bad, bad karaoke and lots of friends - it was worth it.

On the upside, I had several comments from friends I hadn't seen for a while asking if I'd lost a bit of weight, and I'd swear my confidence has bounced up a bit, as I didn't realise until after I'd stripped down to swimwear and jumped in the tub how much less self-conscious I was than before, even in front of slim, gorgeous, semi-strangers :O).

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