Thursday, 12 March 2009

Fat Face maybe, but not such a fat bottom anymore

There's a pair of trousers in my wardrobe - grey cords that I bought from Fat Face sometime last year. God only knows why I bought them, as they were blatantly too tight to wear at the time. I can only think that my ego was so chuffed that I could even do the damn things up that it was completely oblivious to the fact that the effect was rather like a pillow tied round with a piece of string, as the waist-band was way too tight.

So there they've languished at the back of the wardrobe since that day - occasionally pulled out, tried on, and put back with a statement of intent that one day I would get into them. Except that I'm wearing them as I type, and the muffin-top is no longer there (well, so nearly no longer there as to not count). A piece of incontrovertable proof that progress is being made. Either that or the wardrobe pixies have been going in and stretching them when I wasn't looking.

They're not an absolutely perfect fit .... yet. But they're close enough that I'd no longer need to wear a loose top to hide how tight the waistband is, and I figure that I'd best start wearing them now, so I get some wear out of them before they get too big.

Ooooh - look at my positivity!!! Beautiful - I shall try and hang on to this feeling.

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Joy said...

Brilliant, can feel your positivity jumping of the screen, what a fab motivator. =)