Monday, 16 March 2009

Feeling frustrated

I'm feeling more than a little frustrated today. I weighed in this morning and lost 1.5lbs. Well, that's good I hear you say! And it is good, but I just think this is going to take forever!!! I mean I've got 70lbs to lose overall - and ok, I've kissed 16.5 of that good-bye already, but that still leaves over 50 to go!! 50 - that's such a massive number.


I think part of the problem is, when everything was going so well to start with, I set myself a little goal of being 15 st by the time I go to a friend's hen party at the end of the month - a target that seemed perfectly reasonable at the time. But now, with only one official weigh in to go before then, I realise I've set myself up for the first failure of my WW's career, as 3.5lbs left to lose in one week just doesn't seem feasible - stupid, stupid girl!!

Things haven't seemed so bad so far, I've had some steady losses, and I've seen some changes in myself and the way my clothes fit, but bloody hell, I've got such a flipping long way still to go. And I really don't want to fail this stupid little mini-goal I set myself - since I did set the damn thing now I feel like I've got to make it.

So, as I sit here eating my mid-morning snack of pineapple, I'm wondering how on earth I can drop 3.5 by next Monday .......oh god - I do make things complicated for myself sometimes!!!


Joanne said...

Don't think of that 50, just take each week as it comes and it will soon add up, i was the same, i didn't think i would get past my initial goal of my wedding(17 weeks) but i carried on and here i am 47 weeks in.
Trust me, it flies past, you may not make that goal when you wanted to but you will make it and every loss will make you feel better.
Stick with it :o)

wildeone said...

Learn from this and NEVER set yourself big weight loss goals that you feel you must achieve or the ceiling will fall in! Life happens and you can't predict what yourbody will do one week to the next . . . you will get there!

P.S. I felt like you when i started. . .I kept thinking OMG 105lbs to go and now i'm 44 lbs in! ;) just keep chipping away at it and just aim for 7lbs at a time!

J x x

Poppett said...


I know it seems such a looooong journey and it is bloody frustrating but you are doing so incredibly well :-) Not only that but look how the time flies ... it wont be long and you'll be asking yourself what all the fuss was about!!

Chin up babe... as Dory in 'Finding Nemo' says...
Just keep swimming Just keep swimming!!

P xx