Sunday, 1 March 2009

Eeeek - the moment of truth tomorrow!

Tomorrow's WI has taken on a new significance for me after this week - I'm thinking now that if I can register even a tiny loss tomorrow after the amount of amazing food this week, then my faith in WW's will be well and truly confirmed! Can't help thinking that I have no right to lose weight after the luxuries of the week, even though they were all pointed as best I could and I'm within my limit.

Tried to help it along a bit today, by going out for a walk with a friend - our stroll took us through the country lanes and footpaths near her parents place a couple of miles from where I live - neither of us thought we could face clambering around on the hills, so we opted for something a bit gentler and flatter. Beautiful walk though - lovely and sunny and the scenery was pretty - saw horses, llamas, some very cute piglets, lots of fancy chickens and a pea-hen whilst we were out and about! Who'd have thought all that was so close to home? We stopped at a nearby fruit farm with a lovely farm shop and treated ourselves to an ice-cream before starting the return trip ... which probably undid all the good work of the walk, but hell, it was nice so who cares!

Whilst chatting to my friend (whose actually doing my fit and healthy for '09 challenge with me), we decided that it would be a good idea for us both to get the tape measure out and make a record for ourselves of where we are now. Hopefully, that'll give us something else to celebrate when the lb's aren't always shifting. Supposed I'd better bite the bullet and do it!

Going to go and eat some nice healthy stir-fry now before crossing all available fingers and toes for a good WI result tomorrow!

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