Saturday, 14 March 2009

Weekend again already?

The happy, upbeat feelings still persist this morning - where the hell have these come from? Not that I'm complaining, I'm just not used to feeling quite this optimistic about life!

I tootled off to the gym as I said I would last night, and decided to shake things up a little bit. Rather than just spending 30 mins on the x-trainer as I usually would I split the 30 mins in to 3 10 min sections instead. Did some on the x-trainer cranked up to a decent resistance to warm up, then hopped on to the rower for 10. Normally I find this pretty hard work, but last night the 10 mins and 2k seemed to go quickly and easily. Bizarre. Was going to then work a sweat on the x-runner for the remaining 10 mins (a bizarre cross between a x-trainer and a treadmill - it's an elliptical like the x-trainer, but free-swinging instead of on a defined track - so the more you work the more extreme the stride you take, going from a gentle walk up to a full-out run in an on-the-moon-zero-gravity kind of way - somehow you usually end up going full tilt which is pretty brutal). Sadly they were both currently in use so I settled for another 10 mins on the x-trainer on medium to high. Was chatting to my spin instructor Mark, who happened to be on duty in the gym, whilst I did some floor work. He's only recently started teaching, and it's nice how eager he is for feed-back on the class - last night he was showing me the new track-listing and what he'd got planned for each track - looks cracking (the track-list that is lol), so now really looking forward to Wednesday's class. The only downside is that my leg / back is still really achey and sore - couldn't do most variations of crunches because they caused twinges, so I settled for going back to basic straight up crunches -3 sets of as many as I could manage before the burn became disabling. God I hate injuries ... grrrrrrr.

Having a nice quiet morning today, just enjoying having a bit of time to myself. Most of friends have gone for a long walk up the hills, but I said I'd maybe meet them for lunch and give the walk a skip - it seems to be the walk 2 weeks ago that triggered the current twinges so figured I wouldn't risk this one. So will hopefully meet them for lunch (hoping the hotel we're meeting at will have nice fresh soup on the menu), then possibly meeting another friend who's down visiting her parents for the weekend for coffee. After that will wander into town to take back the clothes from last weekend and then going over to see 2 of my school-friends, Jo and Lissa who now live about 40 mins drive away. Will go out for dinner tonight and stay over with them tonight and then going to go for a bike ride with Jo in the morning - something nice and gentle along the canal I think.

Funny how my nice quiet weekend has somehow filled up with loads of stuff to do!

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