Thursday, 12 March 2009

Decisions, decisions

Feeling good today - I've got lovely healthy food with me at work, and I've just been anxiously counting down the minutes until lunch so that I could get on the internet at work and read my next installment of Dietgirl's blog. I wish I could tell her how fantastic her blog is, but I guess she gets so many similar comments these days she already knows that.

Anyhoo, I've been debating the question of cycling clothes today. I've had my eye on some really nice mtb shorts and a jacket for ages, but now I'm in a quandary and not sure what to do. As I am now biking fairly regularly, I'd really like some decent clothes to do it - I currently use my gym trousers (cropped, loose fit ones), but they don't really cut it when the weathers miserable and wet. Similarly, the waterproof I used this week is ok - it's just one of those pack-a-mac ones but it's a bit baggy and not really ventilated. Being the size I am (for now - only for now!!) it's a bit of a challenge trying to find decent biking clothes to fit. I've found some on a US website called Harlot which are lovely, but also pretty pricey by the time you include the shipping costs. Soooo .... do I go ahead and buy the ones I wanted, shorts and waterproof / windproof jacket and risk them being to big soon (in a couple of months??? Oh my God - how nice would that be??), or do I just pick up a pair of shorts in the sale section and make do with the rest of my kit for the time being? Decisions, decisions!!!

I wish all these sodding bruises on my legs would die down - I really want to go swimming or to aquafit this week, but look more like an abused housewife at the moment!!! Grrrrrrrr. Spin last night was excellent though - got really into and found the energy to push myself harder - felt really good!!! Although I have to question why I always see the one hot guy who's in the gym when I'm dripping buckets of sweat after my class, not before when the day's make-up is still vaguely in tact - tsk - life is mean! lol

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