Monday, 23 March 2009

Smug and satisfied

Hooray!!! I've lost again this week :o) And that's in spite of my ending the week 16.5 points over - whoops!!

Despite the scales being a little wooly this morning (they must be about as awake as me first thing on a Monday morning), the best guesstimate is I lost another 2.5lbs this week!! I say wooly because the first time I stepped on them, they gave me such an optimistic result (14st 13.5lb) that I though that couldn't possibly be right. The second go said 15st 2.5lb, and on the third go I got 15st 1lb. I don't know if the batteries going, or they were just being a bit stroppy, but I decided to run with the average and take 15st 1lb as my official WI.

So, with the hen party looming on Fri, I didn't quite manage my target of being 15st for then, but frankly I can't really bring myself to care that I'm 1lb off my target - big deal!!! Because I have still hit my target for 7lbs in March which was one of the challenges I was doing online.

This week will mostly be about scrimping and saving points for the weekend - god knows how that'll go, but I can but try.

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