Monday, 29 June 2009

A big fat nothing


After a week of being good with my eating (hit my points exactly by the end of the week), exercising (including a 5 sodding km run) and saving some points by the end of it all (17.5 freakin' activity points), not to mention conquering the void of boredom that was Sunday evening, the result on the scales: absolutely bloody nothing.

What the hell was the point in that? I'm exactly where I was at the start of last week. In fact, technically, I'm the tiniest bit heavier, but since I don't bother working outside of the nearest half lb, I've effectively stayed the same.

Talk about bloody disheartening.


Linz M said...

How massively frustrating, its a right arse when your efforts are not rewarded! Stick with it though, you are doing really well. It will come off in the end x

Anonymous said...

that's really annoying, maybe the exercise and eating have balanced out or something. Try being fantastic for another week and maybe it'll show next week.

Thanks for your comment on the blog about the bike - I'm just waiting to hear now whether we can have one although the lady has just emailed me and said she is goign to check the costs (even though if we have 2 standard bikes we've paid for them in our holiday fee - grrrr)!!

anne h said...

You are doing great! Forget the scale for while..Darn thing lies, anyway. Soon enough the change will come!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sometimes scales have trouble keeping up with good behavior. Keep plugging away and I expect a catch-up number next week.

Don't let the dissappointment of this week's WI adversely affect this week. Keep it together and it'll pay off in the end. Guaranteed.