Saturday, 20 June 2009

Shaking things up

The scales are still playing head-games with me today - they're still resolutely sticking at the lower weight - I'm not sure if they're playing the long con, and waiting for Monday to surprise me, or if I'm just overly sceptical!

I've just got back from an ace day at a big local show (kind of an agricultural show, but with loads more stuff), and honestly I was dreading updating my tracker, because I thought I'd monumentally cocked up on the food front. Surprisingly though, I'm still 5.5 points under for the day, and even with conservatively pointing the amount of walking we've done it's added 11 points to my tracker for activity, so I've somehow saved points overall instead. This is a bloody surprise I tell you! My food today has consisted of healthy porridge for breakfast with some tinned apricots added on top, but then a hot dog for lunch with amazing organic sausages at the show and some fudge. God I've eaten well-balance diet today, haven't I???? Dairy - tick. Protein - tick. Carbs - tick. Fruit - tick. Yep - totally balanced lol.

There was also the milkshake. I'll tell you all about the milkshake. Some friends of mine have taken the summer off work to do something they've wanted to do for ages - they've bought themselves a catering trailer and are spending the summer season touring round shows and festivals making and selling milkshakes. They were trading at the show today, so naturally we had to go have a milkshake and show them support, and I'll be honest, although I'm no fan of commercial milkshakes, like the sort you get from fast food outlets, these bad boys are in a league of their own, and it's no hardship to "have" to buy one.

They make them to order as they go along and you just pick what ingredients you feel like having. I chose a raspberry and white chocolate one - fresh raspberries, a whole Milky Bar, Cornish vanilla ice-cream and full fat milk. A little bit of heaven from the wonderfully named For Heaven's Shakes. And you know what - I knew it wouldn't be healthy before I ever got to the show ground, so I decided that any milkshake I had would be off the points - I wouldn't even worry about it, because there's no point. I very rarely have anything like that, so there's no point wrecking the rest of the day stressing the points. Good choice. I've just enjoyed myself today.

Just got to work out what to have for dinner now .... I honestly I feel a bit like there is no room left in my stomach, so not entirely sure where any food is going to go. It's been really surprising today how clearly the sensation of being full after eating, and just not wanting any more food, has felt. I think that's a step forward, isn't it?


Lorr74 said...

milkshake sounds devine!! you think they would travel all the way to aberdeen so i can have one? lol! xx

Anonymous said...

that milkshake sounds incredible, what is the company called?

anne h said...

Throw the scales out and enjoy yourself - every now and then!

Tina xx said...

I want one of those milkshakes....sounds like its name...heaven !! :OP x