Monday, 1 June 2009

Weigh in, measurements and the weekend dissection

Weigh in first - I lost 2lbs. Yay!!! Still a shade above 14 stone, but I'm still pootling along in the right direction.

Measurements - I seem to take these at completely haphazard intervals. This time it was prompted by the start of the Summer Challenge that Ang is running over at Get Fit After 40, and if I'm going to do the challenge I should do it properly with the measurements as well as the scales. So since I had the tape-measure out anyway, I thought I'd update them on here (numbers in brackets are the previous measurement):

Hips: 44" (46")

Lower Waist (at belly button): 43" (44")

Upper Waist (at narrowest point): 36.5" (39")

Chest: 44.5" (44" - don't know if this because I had a different bra on this time!)

Upper Arm: 12.5" (12.75")

Thigh: 26.5" (26.5")

There are some losses in there since last time which is great, but I think the nicest thing about those, is that for the first time, my hips are smaller than my bust - wooohoooo!!

On the other hand my waist measurements need some work as all the running and biking is taking the weight off my hips and not my waist - I'm going to start looking like an egg on legs at this rate!! lol

And so, finally, down to the weekend. I have a confession to make - I got to Saturday, and honestly I didn't think too hard about points. Hmmm ... I know .... not the best idea I've ever had. It could have been a lot worse, as including the over-run I had on Monday at the picnic I finished the week at 19 points over, but I did indeed drop the ball. Actually, I take that back, because I've just thought of something else I didn't point up - DAMN!

After my lovely lunch on Friday with my Dad, I was up super-early (for me) on Saturday to tootle off to London. I had breakfast before I went, but I think that was the last thoughtful piece of eating I did until Sunday morning. I met one of my school-friends for lunch in Clapham, where we sat in the sun sipping vodka tonics and munching on a panini for long enough that my shoulders were decidedly pink. Strolling to and fro across Clapham common was about the most exercise I did, although I loved how good I felt about myself in my lovely knee-length denim shorts, gladiator sandals, loose-ish vest top, trilby hat and sunnies (and a healthy smattering of chunky jewellery!), even next to Koks whose a size 8 and 5 foot 3 if she's even that!

Back across the common to the boys flat after lunch, grab some more long, iced vodkas and I settled in to watch the rugby with them and pretty much stayed in that position on the sofa all evening right through the party! I never even got changed into the nicer clothes I'd bought along for the evening or put any decent make-up on, which is rather unfortunate since I later found myself happily chattering away (and drunkenly talking complete bollocks) to a rather lovely guy. lol - always the way.

Yesterday was better - straight back on the points, and even managed to wangle in a pub dinner with dessert in the evening without completely stitching myself up.

On my way back from London, I detoured to Bristol to swing by the Snow and Rock store there. Turned out to be quite an ego boost! I wanted a new waterproof for Norway, and some walking trousers. I didn't find the walking trousers, but when I tried on the size 16 North Face jacket that I wanted, it turned out to be massive, so I got a size 14 instead! I know it's just because it's cut really big (and indeed the reason I didn't get trousers was that they were all cut really small), but it was still lovely buying something with a 14 on the label. I also got slightly distracted by the cycle shop there, and thought I'd have a peek at the cycle shorts as I've been wanting a pair of baggy mountain bike ones for ages now. I thought it would be quite a traumatic business buying them, but the first pair I tried on were a perfect fit in the 16. In fact they're cut so loose, and the fabric is so stretchy that if they'd had a 14 in stock I'd have probably tried and got them instead so they'll last longer, but it wasn't to be. Still - I have my lovely new shorts, and I can't wait to try them out. Think I'll probably be living in them over the summer as they also double up as decent looking general outdoors shorts and I should make the most of them while they fit!

Also bought a new bike helmet to replace my slightly battered one, and a new drinks bottle for running, as well as random miscellaneous spare parts for the bike that I needed. An expensive but altogether satisfying shopping trip.

Since I'm off on my trip on Thursday and the first half of the week is going to be pandemonium whilst I try and pack and organise last minute stuff for the trip and navigate my way through month end at work, I'm just going to try and eat sensibly each day until I go and get in the exercise where I can. I've also got to go for my final physio appointment tonight (ouch - going to be expensive!). Once I'm away, I'm going to be away from the internet, so I'm just going to have to wing it. I'm not going to stress it too much - just going to try and make sensible choices and not go nuts because it's holiday, and hopefully there'll be loads of walking and cycling and possibly some swimming to offset that.


Ang said...
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Ang said...

Congrats on the new clothing sizes. That has to be a great feeling.
Thank you again so much for doing the challenge with me.
Have fun on your trip Thursday!

Good Luck and Get Fit!