Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pitiful really

I threw a total pity party earlier - one guest: me!

I think I got my knickers in twist about that fact that other parts of my life aren't just automatically falling into place as I lose weight. Specifically, that now I'm looking and feeling better, why are men not falling at my feet? Stupid, huh? I'm not sure why I expected that one particular aspect of my life to change as the weight fell away. I guess I've read too many trashy romance novels along the way, lol.

Anyhoo - the party's been broken up now, the pity's been packed away again, and I'm still stomping along the road to a better (if single) me.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You know what would have made your pity party better? Balloons!

anne h said...

tPity parties usually have just one guest. Any more and it would be a b*tch session! lol

Lainey said...


I've just started reading your blog - so hello.

We all have a wee dip from time to time and the skill is getting back up again - which you seem to have mastered!


starfish264 said...

Jack - fuck the balloons - what would have made it better would have been jelly and icecream, and CAKE!!! But I'm not allowed them, so I guess balloons would have done instead.

Anne - it would have been a sympathy shower with more paticipants than just little old me. Bitching is what usually comes later when I'm in the recovery stage lol

And Lainey - hello and welcome! :O) I had a sneaky little peek at your blog in return - nice.

My Fat To Thin Journey said...

Nah, with Pity Parties, balloons, cakes and banners do nothing for me, gotta be a bottle of Vodka and diet lemonade, only one point per vodka and you get to cry for as long as you want, and you always feel so much better after a cry and then stupid, cause you don't know what you were crying for, give me a shout next time your having a PP and i will talk you out of it. Mwah xx

Linz M said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of self pity every now and then - its something I particularly excel at!

I was having a similar self pity session yesterday - yet mine lasted all night so you did better than me :) x