Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Following the untimely shut down of the pity party yesterday (it was just too sunny out for me to waste that kind of energy on feeling less than smiley), I went on what is commonly known as the sympathy, or pick-me-up, shopping expedition. Clothes.

I've spoken about this before. Some people have an emotional relationship with food. I have one with shopping. Which might explain why I'm so goddamn, freakin', pitifully, stony broke pretty much the whole time.

I'm taking a new approach to shopping at the moment. Given that I keep having to do it, seeing as much of my previous wardrobe could be removed without actually undoing any zips / buttons / etc, I'm on damage limitation manouvers. Basically speaking, when I go, I can buy what I want, but no more than £40 in one trip.

Which is kind of like Weight Watchers when you come to think about it. Huh, who knew? The twin W's are sneaking into other parts of my life! Instead of a points allowance per day, it's £'s per week. But I digress.

I went in search of new work trousers last night. I have three pairs at the moment. One pair is blatantly too big, and only stays up by virtue of the addition of a belt. One pair did fit, but then I shrank them and they're now about 2 inches too short in the leg (never a good look). And the other pair is perfect. Except that I forgot to check the washing instructions when I bought them, and it turns out they're dry-clean only. Idiot.

Well, last night was the first night that I tried on a pair of size 16's (which is a 14 in the States / Canada I think for my lovely US / Canadian counterparts) and they actually fitted perfectly, straight off the bat, with no visible muffin top at all. Oh. YEAH.

So then, since I was feeling pretty good, I bought some white, yes white, jeans. Me. In white jeans. Never saw that one coming. Large arses are not flattered by pale colours, but I thought sod it, they actually look pretty good.

Guys - I know there's a few of you boys who read this - apologies for the protracted clothes talk - it'll be over in a minute - promise!

So work trousers, jeans and a stripey top, all for the bargain price of £38 - whooop - my budgeting prowess knows no bounds. Well, ok, actually it knows plenty, but I have to celebrate my budgeting triumphs where I can find them.

I am still aching like hell from Pump on Monday - I'm sure spin tonight will be kill or cure on that front, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. It's sooooo good to be back at the exercise (where's the real Sue, and what have you done with her ... she'd never have said anything that crazy), and I've missed it. I'm still suffering a few miscellaneous aches and pains from my back incident the other weekend, but I think I'm slowly on the mend (again).

Still being pretty damn good with the food this week. I'm holding my own at staying within points on food alone, and just counting my (rather measley amount of) activity points as extras. Be interesting to see if this strategy will pay off two weeks in a row, as I'd rather like another good loss this week, so I can make some headway before it all (inevitably) hits a slow patch again.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Great *yaawwwwwn* shopping post.

starfish264 said...

Tough titties, Jack - I'm a girl, I like shopping, fact of nature, there will occasionally be posts of this sort. :o)