Sunday, 28 June 2009

Warning - boredom levels reaching critical!

I'm not an emotional eater on the whole, but one thing above all others is liable to cause me to eat needlessly - boredom.

When I'm bored I do one of two things - I eat or I shop. It's like they're the easiest things to do to make me feel better, the quickest way to pick myself up.

And right now, I am really, really bored. This is why I eat at work too, but I digress, because all I can think about right now is eating something, anything, to while away the time. And I don't want to do that. I've already resorted to browsing all the internet sites I normally shop on, but since I don't want to spend money either, that's not really helping me much. I just want sugar right now. Biscuits would do. Or ice-cream. But I already had a measured portion of that for dessert after dinner.

I can't get the thought of food out of my head. I've been hungry all damn day. Except now I realise I haven't actually been hungry at all, I've just been damn bored. My stomach's not hungry, but my head is. Jeez - this is like being at work when all I can think about when I'm bored is what the next thing I will eat will be. Except at work, well, I have work to distract me, plus a limited amount of food available to me, and the scrutiny of my work colleagues to hold me in check. Here at home I have none of the above.

Wow - this sucks. I don't often get this much time to get bored, so I don't usually have this problem at home, but I've wandered in and out of the kitchen about a dozen times today already, eyeing up the cupboards, and I don't want to blow it now. And I've run out of telly to watch.

I'm not going to give into this. I'm going to go and clean out and sort through some more drawers - that should keep me occupied for a bit. And put some music on to dance around to too.

Give me bloody strength!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I am soooo with you. I am stuck in this rut but hopefully about to get out of it! We CAN do this! We HAVE to!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I wish you lived closer. Then you could come mow my lawn to keep you occupied and away from the cupboards.

anne h said...

I have blogged several times about the freakin boredom that comes with NOT eating. All that time that I once spent on food.
Turns out now I see boredom like hunger - not the enemies I once thought they were!
But it does get better.