Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mea Culpa

Following my post earlier on cocking up my food choices for the day, I've kicked myself up the ass - I more accurately I gave myself a good beasting in the form of a run. I cracked out a 3.8km run when I got home from work ... and I'm telling you now, it's mighty hot out there today!

Despite being off running for 2 weeks (well, getting on for 3 now!), I thought I'd start back with a route I've been wanting to try for a bit but hadn't got round to yet. Mostly because it goes up hill at the start and then downhill pretty much the whole rest of the way round. I consider myself well and truly kicked now.

The good thing with all the heat is it's killing my appetite. I'm still trying to work out what to have for dinner, if anything. I figure I should have something, but it's too damn hot to eat. Plus, the aforementioned lack of points left is cramping my style lol.

Ah well, shall go and inspect the fridge and then sort some packing out for tomorrow. And then I probably have to do some more work. Well, that sucks!

Oooh - and I'll find some time later to do the photos I was talking about the other day. I'm curious now to put them side by side and see if there really is a difference.



Bryher Hill said...

Well done!!!

Linz M said...

Well done on the run - its something I am trying to build up to.... but at the moment I can manage about 30 seconds!

Go for the dancing classes as well, I used to do a Jazz and Street Dance classes and I loved them both.

Have a good weekend!