Thursday, 18 June 2009

Don't stop me now!

I got back to spin last night, after a whole 2 weeks away from the gym. It was good to be back, although I very nearly wasn't. It turns out that I can be a very mean person when it comes down to someone getting in the way of my exercise.

I was a bit short on time last night between leaving work, shooting into the supermarket on the way home to pick up some goodies for the girls and getting home, getting changed and getting my ass to the gym. I thought I was ok for time though and rocked up to the gym on the dot of half past. Note the empahsis on "thought", as it would appear that my watch is lagging behind time again as the class was already warming up and there wasn't a spare bike to be seen. They'd given my place away to someone else!!!

Roaring in frustrated determination, out came my inner bitch. Errrr ... I should probably just reassure you that the roaring was purely figurative and internalised ... I think actual roaring in the gym is probably frowned upon, and in any case, would be very un-ladylike. And heaven forbid that I should be un-ladylike. Could be fun though. Anyhoo - I marched up to the spin circle, smiled sweetly, and said in a (really) loud cheerful voice "Right - who was on the reserve list then????" whilst looking round with an enquiring expression, and a metaphorical thumb jerked over my shoulder to metaphorically add "in which case take a hike, buddy, cos you're on my bike!".

There was a (long) 2 second pause, before someone started to shuffle off their bike and walk away with their head hung low. Ok, their head probably wasn't actually hung low, but they did sort of seem to slink away. I will not feel bad though! Because, damnit, I was there to spin!!! Ruthless in the face of opposition. lol

I did feel the teensiest bit bad though, as I got on the bike, that I then had to announce that I wouldn't be doing any of the sprints / races in the class as I didn't want to jar my back again. So having booted someone out the class, I wasn't actually going to do 100% effort. But you know what - I booked that damn spot in the class, so THERE!

Class was good, although insanely hot - we were literally dripping sweat - and it was great to be back doing something active again. What surprised me is that even after 2 weeks of no gym / strenuous exercise, spin still didn't kill me. I actually really miss the days when it used to leave me staggering off the bike on jellied legs, trying desperately to catch my breath. Nowadays, I work up a sweat and feel pleasently used, but that's it, and apart from just hiking the resistance up to new levels, there's not much I can do to recapture that original feeling. I think maybe I need a new challenge. Aside from the running that is. Maybe Body Combat.

Away from the gym, things are ticking over nicely - I'm eating well and drinking plenty. And I clocked 8 portions of fruit and veg yesterday!!! Whoop! Aaaaannnnd .... halleleujah!!! ... the scales slid south of 14 stone this morning!!!

*Runs around the room doing weird celebratory plane impersonations like a 5 year old*

I ROCK!!!!!!

Just one minor glitch really. I had a bit of an unintentional barney with my flatmate last night, right before the girls came round, over the fact that she gave her boyfriend his own key to our flat and didn't even tell me, nevermind ask me if I minded. She basically threw a strop, and said it didn't matter anyway as she'd be moving out within six months (to go live with him, one assumes) and so I should consider this my notice to find a new flatmate.

Our little flat is being broken up, and I have such mixed feelings about it. I hate, hate, hate the stress of finding a flat / flatmate, as I've had such horrible experiences with it in the past. And I adore our current flat, because of its location, easy going landlord and of course living right next door to the boys. And until my flatmate started going out with her current bloke, she was ace to live with. I also have to admit though that I've not felt as comfortable since she did, and now look forward to times when they hole up down at his and I have the place to myself.

I'm not sure quite what I'll do next, as I can't afford to keep the flat on my own, so it's all really open-ended. I hate this shit - change, when I don't know what the outcome is, just upsets me. Stresses me out. Bummer.


Watching and Weighting said...

ohhhhhh it's so nice to read a blog written in Englih!

That's rubbish about your flat mate - change sucks! Don't let it suck you into a void of eating crap tho dude!!

The spinning tale made me wee a little bit - spinner's rage! hilarious!

Do give Body Combat a whirl - it's fan bloody tastic!!!

Watching and Weighting said...

DUH! i meant 'EngliSh' - obviously :)

My Fat To Thin Journey said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog and would love it if you were interested in following mine as it could be good motivation for us having more followers.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Finally got the comments working again. I've been waiting all week to tell you something very important: it looks like a fairy threw up in the corner of your blog.

Carry on.

starfish264 said...

Jack - thank god for that - I was worried no-one would recognise that - I paid good money but it's such a hard look to achieve .... success at last though!

My Fat To Thin Journey said...


Thanks for your comment. It's nice getting wee comments as at least you know people are watching your progress. Went to Weight Watchers last night and i had lost 5lbs in my first week.

Caley x