Saturday, 27 June 2009


I've had a great 24 hours in London at Hard Rock Calling, and better still I didn't go completely bonkers and blow my points budget. I made sensible choices, still had a little bit of everything I fancied, but didn't let it ruin my day.

The weather, which looked absolutely rubbish when I left home yesterday morning, turned out to be gloriously sunny and hot by the time I hit London. And with the exception of a few little clouds it stayed that way all afternoon and evening.

I did a little bit of food planning, so I had a sensible filling breakfast, and then picked up a light lunch when I stopped for petrol. The good thing with that was it then meant I knew exactly what I'd had already, and could plan out how I wanted to spend the rest of my points for the day. That turned out to be two lovely cold bottles of cider in Hyde Park and a burger for tea. It turns out it is the little choices that make the difference. While Tony had a 1/2lb cheeseburger, I just had a 1/4lb one - still completely full, just not as much calories and fat.

I've not bothered trying to point my activity for yesterday, but I'd guess that walking to and from the various tube stations, plus some rather enthusisatic dancing / jumping around to the music will have counted for something. I was even exceedingly good this morning - when the boys had bacon sandwiches for breakfast, I opted for toast and jam.

The nice thing with that all having been on a Friday is that now I've got the rest of the weekend to just chill out .... sweeeeeeeet.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sensible choices? Wait, am I on the right blog? Well, there's that fairy throw-up in the corner... Hmmmmmm...

anne h said...

Good plans for the weekend - chillaxing - as they say!