Sunday, 14 June 2009

Lazy days

I'm about as relaxed as it gets right now. I'm still in bed (ok, it's only half 9 so that's not too bad), I've had my breakfast (in bed!) and I'm feeling totally rested, thanks to zonking out at 10pm last night.

I'd forgotten how easy weekends can be when you stay home and don't have anything to get in the way of your food-planning. Up til dinner-time yesterday I was doing brilliantly, and just feeling totally like WW's is no trouble at all. I went a bit off-line at dinner-time though as I decided to cook for one of the boys next door as well as myself (I owe them about 10,000 hot dinners at the time of writing as they cook for us all the time). I'd decided to a mushroom risotto earlier in the day, and then because it was Sid, and he can't be doing with all vegetarian food, I switched to doing a variant with chicken and spinach in too. All good so far. What killed it was the 4 slices of French stick with butter than I had with the risotto, which I wouldn't have bothered with had I been alone. Damn. I have to stop pampering to other people's tastes when I'm the one doing the cooking. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Still - the bread and butter was lovely, and it's only a 6 point deficit for the whole week - 4 of which I can peel back today, but I'm still annoyed with myself. This is the one thing I struggle with on WW's. On my own, I will make the right choices, or at least manage my intake properly, every time. Stick me in a social situation and I crumble ... like some really crumbly thing that I can't think of a good analogy for right now.

It's now a fresh new day, and that's all that matters though. I'm having tea with my dad and grandma this afternoon. Tea in our family follow the old tradition of good ol' Engligh afternoon high tea - i.e. about one savoury course (usually sandwiches and maybe little dinky sausage rolls), and about 4 courses of cake. Luckily, I'm pretty good at being pretty good on these afternoons, and Dad knows I'm watching what I eat so isn't too much of a food pusher anyway. In any case - I'm planning - will reduce my points by 4 today anyway, and deduct 10 for tea, which leaves me about 9 for the rest of the day - easy! It looks like being another nice day, so I'm going to make a batch of soup and do some tidying and have lunch out on the balcony. Oh, and stroll along to the gym to finally take my long-suffering physio her cheque since I finally manged to locate my chequebook in the carnage I call my room yesterday - woooohoooo!

Oh - and the ankle's finally on the mend. Back to Body Pump tomorrow I think, and then some gentle walking / running and spinning later in the week. Exercise - how I have missed thee!! :o)


anne h said...

Delightful tea on a lazy weekend afternoon!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Breakfast in bed. Afternoon tea. I never realized you were royalty. A thousand pardons, m'lady.

starfish264 said...

Well I just snorted in a very un-royal manner reading that so I think I've been demoted back to peasant ...

Besides, I don't think the Royal Family have to go fetch their own breakfast before taking it back to bed :O)