Monday, 29 June 2009

Mope over - time to move on

Right, enough of the moping already. I can't stand me moping, it's just boring.

I've been thinking about why the scales might not have budged and it could be a couple of reasons, but I think the principle one might be to do with some of my food choices over the weekend. Where I've eaten out and had takeaway, the food was most likely pretty damn high in sodium and MSG - that stuff makes me sooo thirsty afterwards, and I drank litres of liquid yesterday which I'd put down to the heat and the dehydrating effect of my run in the morning. I also had pasta for dinner last night, and I've noticed, since I eat far less of it these days, that I don't cope as well with it as other carbs. So overall, whilst I might have stayed in my points, I guess some of food choices weren't the wisest ... or at least they're having a bit of a hangover effect on me.

I've also failed miserably so far to add any new goals to my sidebar, which leaves me feeling a bit aimless. I spent a bit of time this morning adding a raft of new goals to my own personal tracker spreadsheet. I've broken my remaining loss down into lots of little markers to achieve - most of them not more than a few lbs apart, so hopefully there will be something I can tick off every couple of weeks. I break them down either by half stone losses to achieve - i.e. 2 1/2 stone, 4 stone, etc, or as actual weight targets. Since I'm going from a round 230lb (literally very round lol) to 160lb (my current goal), I've added goals to get to 190lbs, and every 5lb below that. Hopefully, this will help me focus a bit more.

So my next 3 goals are:
  • Get to 190lbs - 3lb loss
  • Get to 3 stones off - 5lb loss
  • Get to BMI of 30 (no longer obese) - 8lb loss (which will also be my 185lb marker).

Seeing smaller goals to aim for makes things a bit more manageable for me. I've got 11 or those little steps to take me to goal, but I'm just going to post the first 3 up for the moment.

I'm also going to shake up my exercise schedule as I want to start doing Swiss Ball Pilates on a Wednesday, which means moving some of my other classes around - god knows what will end up going where - I'll just have to see what I'm able to book into. Going to the pilates class on Wednesday will mean trying to get another spinning session, which is easier said than done at my gym! On the other hand, doing pilates will make my physio happy.

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Lainey said...

Good on ya for being so practical. It is so disheartening when you feel like you've made the effort only for the bloody scales to slap you in the face!

Good plan with the mini milestones. I like it!