Thursday, 4 June 2009

Confession time

"Uh-oh " I hear you say. What did she do?

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I rather slipped up last night. Normally, if I over eat it's a conscious decision to do so, usually with a recovery plan already in place, or else it's completely out of my control (not so often) in that there's literally nothing else available. I can't claim any of that for last night though, and can only admit to a plain and simple lack of self-control and will power.

Somewhere in the middle of all the packing, I got persuaded to go along to girl's night at Becs' for a little while. I'd already eaten my healthy food for the day, and stayed just within my points, but the temptation of the goodies out on the coffee table proved too much, and I caved. I think I was aware at the time of what I was doing, but just adopted a "sod it, I'm virtually on holiday now" mentality. There were 2 tubs of those gorgeous little chocolatey nibbles from Marks & Spencer, nachos, and fresh raspberries. It started innocently enough with me thinking I'd just have one each of the M & S nibbles - a miniature rocky road and a miniature chocolate roll. Then I grabbed a few raspberries. That would have been fine, but for some reason I didn't stop there, and also had some nachos, and more of the nibbles. I'm not entirely sure how many of those little bits of chocolately goodness I had in the end - I suspect about 3 of the rocky roads and 4 of the chocolate rolls - if I assume that they're probably about 2 points each, and then add some points for the nachos, I would conservatively estimate that I consumed about 20 points at Becs' house for no apparent reason. I wasn't hungry and I wasn't particularly craving salt or chocolate.

This whole episode annoys the hell out of me. I knew exactly what I was doing and just shoved the thoughts aside. I'm not by nature a binger, or at least I never thought I was, but if my estimate of points is right, I just consumed nearly an entire days worth of extra calories and fat in the space of a couple of hours, and I wasn't even hungry. The most annoying thing is that if you actually put what I ate on one plate, it would easily fit and wouldn't even look like that much - how many people all over the world are doing this every day?? Not realising that those tiny little nibbles are so bloody deadly. It's an eye-watering insight into why we put weight on without even noticing where we went wrong.

This week is going to be hard enough with the trip away, without me making stupid mistakes like that. I went for a run last night which will be the last bit of proper intense exercise I do until I get back. I added an extra loop into my usual running route last night, which probably equates to just under an extra half a mile. Surprisingly, the whole run actually only took me about 5 mins longer than usual. My pace at the start felt a lot quicker than usual, but as a consequence of that I did need to take a couple of walking breaks to catch my breath (I think it was 3 in the end). Still, I'm pleased with my run, and it certainly knackered me out.

This will be my last blog until I get back from Norway, by which time I will have (belatedly) weighed in again. I fully expect to gain when I face the scales next Weds, since I'm still riding at a 2lb gain this week since weigh in on Monday; my challenge really is just to minimise that gain.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I shall update when I return!


Edit - just checked the milage of the run yesterday on the Google Map Pedometer. This is seriously one of the best little tools I have found for checking out where and how far you've walked / biked on trips out! My normal run is 1.60 miles / 2.59 km. The additional section I did last night makes it 2.09 miles / 3.37 km, so it is indeed almost exactly half a mile extra. That's not too bad to do that in 25 mins.

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Have a fun time and don't fret too much (but don't go crazy out there either).