Monday, 10 August 2009

And back up we go!

Ok, so I'm somewhat depressed this morning. I weighed in this morning, and I've managed to go back up half a pound. Bugger.

My weight's been hovering up and down all week in honesty; I did see it drop down to 13st 8lb's during the week, but it wasn't to be and I finally finished back up at 13st 9.5lb. I latterly realised that part of the fluctuation will have been due to TOTM, and some is most likely a hangover from last week's epic eat-out-a-thon when I flukily managed to drop 2lbs last Monday, and the rest - who knows? Choices not as good as I thought they were? Just my body taking time to catch up with itself?

Anyhoo, no point bitchin' as it won't change it, so nothing to do but keep going.

Annoyingly, my walk on the hills never materialised yesterday, as after much faffing, my friends decided they couldn't be arsed, and I got caught up in bagging up old clothes and taking rubbish to the tip in the morning. On the plus side, that means that lunch out never materialised either, so it kind of balances itself out. I did get out for fresh air, just not any energetic form, when I went to meet my friend Sheena in the park to listen to the band playing, so that was a really nice couple of hours spent lying in the sun and gossiping. I then had a quick dinner at home and swung by my friends Graeme and Bec's house to sit in the garden with a group of them for half an hour, before dashing off to meet other friends Jo, Lissa and Ellie for a summer evening drink in a picture perfect pub garden. My points were ok yesterday, thanks to diet coke or water drunk when out.

So here's to another week plodding along. I hate these little set backs - they're so depressing, but it's no reason to stop. It just makes me wonder exactly which bit I went wrong on so I could make more of an effort to avoid doing it again, but with so many variables, who knows! What I can cling on to is the fact that although I haven't got rid of my holiday gain yet, I am still smaller in inches than I was at the beginning of June.

This week is going to be spinning tonight, hosting girls night tomorrow, running club on Weds, Combat on Thurs, resting on Fri and a beer festival on Sat. Sunday will be packing and running final errands for holiday and sorting out logistics for next Wednesday's departure. Somewhere in between all of that, I need to do all the clothes washing ready for packing, order my currency, check all my paperwork is in order, do my tax calcs for the year ready for my refund claim, take my clothes recycling to the collection point, do a food shop and do a mahoosive clean of the flat.

Me thinks I'm not going to have a lot of spare time this week!

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Fat[free]Me said...

I agree, that is a bummer, lol! It is hard to go through a whole week without seeing a drop on the scale isn't it? I am certain next time will be a lot better, some weeks it works like that.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog - it helped a lot (normalcy is returning, well as normal as I get, anyway)!