Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Packed and (almost) ready to go

It's official - I haven't changed my mind on how much I hate freaking packing since my last trip away. I keep hoping I will, but it's still the worst job in the world. Gaaaaah!

Made extra worse this trip because I've somehow got to cram a whole tent into my rucksack (it can't be strapped to the outside because we're flying) along with my sleeping bag, sleeping mat, plate, cup, bowl, oh .... and clothes!!!!

So here I sit on my bed at quarter past midnight, the night before leaving, just about packed, but fretting about how little stuff I've actually got with me. I've committed to going with stuff that the new, trimmer me will wear - shorts, bikini, etc, which is a bit unnerving, without some of my fall-back options packed - but we all must move forward, so here's me doing it.

My notebook is packed (must remember to pack a pen though!) ready to diary me through the next 11 days. I'm hoping that remaining actively conscious about what I'm putting in my mouth and how I'm feeling will help to curb the worst excesses. I would love, love, love to come home and not have to be horrified about what the scales say.

My eating's been ... ok ... today. It's been pretty chaotic trying to finish everything up at work, sort tents logistics out, pack, see friends at the last minute, and I've used my saved points from yesterday, but that's ok. I'm happy that I've made some good decisions.

My next goal - to journal every day of the trip. While I won't strictly be pointing (partly because it's holiday, and partly because I won't have access to the resources to), I do want to remain aware of what's going in my mouth, and make conscious, healthy decisions where possible.

Gonna get some sleep now, as I have to be up at 7 to finish puzzling over the packing conundrum of how to get more stuff into the same space ....

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Packing is definitely the worst part of travelling. I often pack on the way to the airport...

Have fun and don't stress out too, too much.